Do you need a digital detox?


How often do you find yourself wandering and sifting endlessly through your phone or computer? Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning and check it constantly all day until your head hits the pillow at night?

Our phones, laptops and other devices follow us wherever we go. In today’s world, it is great to have 24-hour connectivity to the world, but this can lead to sensory overload and cause us to feel overwhelmed and uninspired. We end up being disconnected to the world around us as we are so focused on what is happening online.

A digital detox is taking a break from technology to give ourselves a chance to refresh and recharge our mind and body.

What happens during a digital detox?

You free up more time for the things that matter

For enjoyment and creativity, for quality conversations with those who matter the most, for being present and enjoying the beauty all around you. 

You’re being kinder to your body  

Text neck is the term used to describe the neck pain from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other devices too frequently and for too long. When we bring our heads down to look at our phones we are putting around 60lb. of strain on our neck. Reducing the time we have our head down looking at our phones gives our neck the beautiful rest it deserves.

You get more restful sleep

Sleep is an important factor in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Artificial light from our screens before bedtime can mess with our circadian rhythms, disrupting our sleep, hormones and energy. It delays melatonin secretion which is needed for sleep and lack of sleep can cause us to feel lethargic and less joyful throughout our day.

You gain focus and clarity

We tend to multitask, watching TV while surfing Facebook while messaging friends at the same time. This can cause our minds to be distracted and is a great way to become mentally exhausted. Short breaks from technology give our brains a break from digital processing, allowing us to slow down, focus and recharge. Good ideas often appear when we ‘switch off’ the information overload.

You give your relationships a boost

It’s pretty hard to hold a conversation while checking your phone. Being present with the person in front of you can show that you care, and help build a better relationship with those that matter to us.

One great habit a day 

If taking a complete digital detox sounds makes you want to scream and run away, why not start with one great habit a day? Here are some things you could try to start you on your journey to a happier, healthier you:

Go on an adventure!

Put your phone on airplane mode and go on an adventure for a day! You could go for a walk in the forest, beach, wildlife park, yoga class, or any other event that allows you to enjoy the moment by yourself or with your loved ones.

Do a mini digital detox

Limit your time on devices say from 9.30pm and night until 9.00am in the morning. Many people also opt to put it away at mealtimes to enjoy the food and the company of others around them.

Say goodbye to push notifications

Turn off notifications for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media apps that don’t require your immediate attention. Choose a few specific times of day to check each and give yourself a time limit such as 20 minutes. You might find that this is a really good time and energy saver!

Practise some self-care

Put your phone away and treat yourself to a massage, go for a yoga class, take a bath, diffuse some essential oils to tune in to your body and recharge your batteries.

Learn something new

If your work involves working heavily in front of a screen, choose to learn something new that is non-screen based such as a dance, yoga, painting or music.


Just by adding one new habit a day, you may start to find yourself spending more quality time with loved ones, getting better sleep, feeling energised, inspired and better in your body!

Sharin Shaik