Find Your Way Back to Love


A 6-Week ONE-On-One Coaching Experience to Help you heal past relationship hurts, feel confident and ready to move forward into a new, fulfilling relationship.

If you…

  • Have recently come out of a long term relationship

  • Are single and sick of dating on and off and eventually getting nowhere

  • Are afraid of getting hurt, trusting someone new, or sabotaging another relationship

  • Are in a relationship and feeling emotions of anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment or fear

  • Feel that you have toxic relationship patterns that stops you from having a great relationship

Then maybe it’s time to come back to love.

Growing up, my heart got broken by the relationships around me.

The thought of getting married filled me with a sense of dread. If it all ends of with cheating and lying, I didn’t even want to try!

Through the years, I ended up clinging to a series of unsuccessful long term relationships for no reason other than thinking that I couldn’t do better, that I had no other choice, or that it was the safe and practical thing to do.

Can you relate?

As I plowed through life, got the high paying job, stayed in the practical relationship which was destined for marriage, my life on the outside looked great.

But inside,I knew something was not quite right. I didn’t value myself, so I had opened up space to yet another unhappy relationship.

I got to a point in my life where I was crying every day and I didn’t even know why. All I knew was that I really couldn’t go on the way I was going, and I knew I had to change my life.


Fast forward to now, and I’m travelling through Europe on my honeymoon with my soulmate, my husband and adventure buddy.

That is why I help women who are unhappy or have just gotten out of a relationship, heal and open up again so that they feel ready to enter a new, more fulfilling relationship.

This course contains all the steps that I took to help me heal .

I want to help you to heal your old heart wounds. That’s why I would love to work with you over the next 6 weeks to:

  • Get clear on what you really want in a relationship and find someone who can step up to meet you at your level

  • Develop new tools and the resilience to seek and build the relationship you desire.

  • Look inwards and heal past heartbreak and other self-limiting beliefs so that you can finally open your heart to a health and meaningful relationship

Through coaching I’ve helped women

  • Release their anxiety after ending long term relationships and move forward

  • Find the partner of their dreams and heal their past so that they stop bringing self-sabotaging behavior into their new relationships.

Does this sound like you? Can you feel a sense of excitement at the idea of coming back to love?

Your investment


Are you ready to  heal your heart and feel ready to open up again to a new relationship?

I’m ready to heal, sign me up!